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Kids Classes​

Muay Thai Kickboxing and K1 for kids are for children from 7 years old. Your child will learn the same techniques as the beginner adult Muay Thai classes, but the format of classes is made more fun by turning the basic moves into fun games making classes positive, well disciplined and safe.
All techniques and drills are taught using different types of safety pads and training aids. Classes consist of line drills, partner drills and team drills that are designed to improve all aspects of your children's fitness and well being. We encourage parents to participate during lessons.
Instructors are qualified, CRB checked with first aid courses and have professional Indemnity.

Teaches Your Child:
• Self Defence
• Discipline
• Respect

Increases Your Childs:
• Self Esteem
• Concentration
• Balance and Co-ordination
• Fitness and Stamina

No head contact, beginners welcome, just turn up (wear loose fitting clothing).

​Adults Classes:


Mixed adults classes catering from beginners to advanced

Our  adult classes are taught by Lukasz Sibiga. During these classes we teach all of our students the fine art of Muay Thai Kickboxing and K-1 rules. At Warrior Fight Club every class is unique and well structured offering our students a high standard of tuition in a safe and friendly environment.

During our classes we begin with warm up by cardio vascular exercises, stretching, shadow boxing. We then apply techniques on either focus mitts, Thai pads.

We also use staged sparring to practice techniques in a controlled manner (full protective equipment is required)
At Warrior Fight Club our training programmes will enable our students to reach their training goals whether its wellbeing and fitness, grading, inter clubs or competing professionally.

Private lessons:

Please contact instructors for further information
about private lessons   





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